The Ganesh Garden is an Isolated Island it is been surround by a lagoon to the west and south and the entive is flanked by the Indian Ocean

The dazzling wind from the Indian Ocean engulf the blows amides the twisting creamy tides of the bluish sea water in chilly morning where the staining sun dawn to make another day will really keep you in very happy mood Resting in a Hammock under the coconut plants are very rave kind of a comfort you would enjoy in the life the mildly warm bluish sea water and soft golden sand allows you to really enjoy the sun and sand

Beautiful lagoon with plentiful wildlife. Both your cabana and the restaurant are on the beach Clean.Newly built Nature Cabana situated in arround the Lagoon. The restaurant has a wide range of food available all day Simple bar with cold drink and beer Our concept of keeping people happy is completely different than the others. Are looking for place to hide and enjoy your holiday with extreme privacy Then Ganesh Garden is the Place Ganesh is hindu legendevic god who represent the strength and wishness